Go Green to Get Green: Sell us Your Junked Cars

There was a time when ol' Bessy was a good car- reliable, safe and got you to where you were going nearly all of the time but that time has ended with a miserable clank and a thud. Now instead of being a decent and reliable car it is nothing more than a hulking wreck, an eyesore and a potential hazard to the environment. There is no way to sell it because there are no more parts to be repaired on this beast that would even get it to turn over. Perhaps you have made efforts to have it hauled away but those efforts have failed because of expense or because of rules or distance or something else. So, you are stuck with this failed bucket of bolts for the rest of your days, right? There might be hope still.

We are Who You are Going to Call!

Local junkyards may or may not come and pick up your car- and if they do there might be many reasons why you would be better off not calling them. Some will haul your car for free but you get nothing in return for it. Some will pay you whatever scrap metal is going for at the time but you will have to pay for the hauling. These junkyards tend to let you pay for their service after they have weighed your car-taking the fee out of what you would have earned from selling the remains of ol' Bessy.

Our service is different. We will buy your car even if you prayed and threatened all the way to our gate. We will buy your car if it has not ran for five solid years. In fact, we will come and tow it in, for free. It doesn't matter if your car is some little European inspired roadster that went up against a deer and lost or the finest example of Detroit rolling iron that just lived a very long and productive life. Blue or red, junked, smashed or just completely useless; we will buy them all. In fact, there are very few cars that we cannot buy from you.

Everyone Benefits When we Buy Your Junked Car

So, who benefits from cash for junk cars? In the long run, everyone does. You get rid of a car that has been trashing up your yard or driveway. The neighbors no longer have to look at the hunk of junk. You get some extra money from that car and most importantly, the environment is free from a potential hazard. Depending on the parts involved and other factors, as much as 98% of a car be recycled and reused. Even if that is not possible most of the parts of a car will need to be handled properly so that they do not become environmental contaminants. Things like the fluids, the batteries and even the glass can damage plants, wildlife and even the water supply if they are not disposed of in the right way.

Make sure that you are doing your part to protect the environment and do not allow a smashed or junked car to just sit on your property. Call us for free towing, earn some money back on the car you have invested time and money in and keep your yard looking nice all at the same time. It doesn't matter how big or small your car is or what condition it is in right now, we will be able to buy it from you and even do the towing for free. Give us a call today.